2024 Lakeland Cabin Stuffer

You have questions – we’ve got answers!

1. How do I book a Spot?

Easy peasy! Head on over to our BOOK A SPOT! page, fill out the booking form, press Book Now!. Then, pay your invoice that follows via email.
Voila – you’re booked!

Please keep in mind that bookings are on a first come, first served basis, and spaces are limited. 

2. What are the deadlines?

Early Booking Rates (10% off) will be offered for ads booked and purchased by March 1st, 2024 (early birds get the worm!)

Final Booking and Payment Deadline is April 8th, 2024 (remember – first come, first served!)

Artwork is due prior to April 12th, 2024 (please send early if possible!)

The Lakeland Cabin Stuffer is published annually, with expected distribution on or prior to the May Long Weekend, 2024 (summer can official start!)

3. What do I need to provide?

You can supply a print-ready ad according to the size and type of ad you booked. 

Artwork needs to be in adequate format, high resolution, and magazine quality. High resolution Adobe PDFs, with fonts embedded or outlined, are preferred for all ads. Other electronic file formats accepted include: JPG, TIF and Adobe PSD, AI or ID files. All images should be 300dpi, CMYK.

Business Card (3.7”w x 2.35”h)
Quarter Page (3.7”w x 4.9”h)
Half Page Horizontal (7.5”w x 4.9”h)
Half Page Vertical (3.7”w x 10”h)
Full Page (7.5”w x 10”h)
Full Page with bleed option (8.5”w x 11”h +.125” bleed)
Centrefold with bleed option (17”w x  11”h +.125” bleed)

4. What if I don’t have a print-ready ad to send?

No problem! Whether you are a new or past advertiser, we can work to get you a great looking visual ad.

Past advertisers – if we have an editable copy of your ad on file, feel free to request a few minor changes at no additional ad development cost.

If you need help developing a new ad (or significantly revamping your existing ad), we can do the design work using images, logos and wording supplied by you. Development rates are billed at $50/hour. If you are a non-profit organization, we provide this service free of charge!

5. How do I pay my fees?

We will email you an invoice based on your booking details. You can remit payment directly online with a credit card, e-transfer, or send a cheque in the mail. Please note: your spot in the publication won’t be confirmed until payment is received.

6. Can I request a specific placement for my ad?

Sorry, no. Only premium locations may be reserved. If we receive multiple requests for a specific premium location, a maximum two-year consecutive placement limitation will be applied to the current advertiser in that spot. After which, that premium location will be open to the advertiser ‘next in line’ (if any). This is the fairest policy we could think of – thank you in advance for your understanding if a premium location is not currently available to you!

7. Will I get to see my ad before it’s printed?

Yes, if we have worked to develop or edit your ad, we will send you a proof to approve before we go to print so that you can check for accuracy.

8. How do Inserts Work?

Inserts are another advertising option. Each magazine is encased in a clear polyvinyl bag that protects the magazine during distribution. A limited number of inserts can be placed in the centre of the each magazine. The insert price is based on your insert being included in the entire print run ~5500 to 6000 copies (note: regional insert rate options are not available this year). You provide us with your stuffing-ready insert by the artwork deadline, or we can provide you a quote to help you with design and print. Some restrictions apply to the size and weight of inserts.

9. Where does the magazine get distributed?

The magazine gets its phenomenal reach in a few different ways!

Door-to-door residential delivery is provided with help from our amazing community partners (Waskesiu Heritage Museum, Lakeland Citizens on Patrol, Gary Anderson Community Centre, Lakeland Curling Club and Treeosix Adventure Park). Volunteers deliver the magazine direct to doorsteps in the District of Lakeland (Christopher, Emma, Anglin, McPhee), Town of Waskesiu (PANP), RM of Paddockwood (partial), and Resort Village of Elk Ridge.

We also get stuffed in commercial high traffic locations, seasonal and year-round businesses in the District of Lakeland, Village of Christopher Lake, RM and Village of Paddockwood, Resort Village of Elk Ridge, Prince Albert National Park (Waskesiu), and Prince Albert.

And to make sure we don’t miss anyone – we do a general post mail-out to surrounding communities including Christopher Lake Rural & Village, Candle Lake, RM and Village of Paddockwood, Mayview, Meath Park, Albertville, Henriburg, and Spruce Home.

A digital adaption of the magazine is made available online, and as a PDF download. Click here view the 2023 Lakeland Cabin Stuffer. The publication is also electronically shared via the Vacationland News, through social media and targeted email platforms.

10. How can I get a copy of the magazine?

If you don’t get a copy via any of the distribution methods listed above, you can request one be sent to you in the mail. If you would like to display copies at your business – let us know – we’d be happy to drop some off! 

11. I don’t live in the lakeland or surrounding area, can I still advertise?

The purpose of the Lakeland Cabin Stuffer is to provide a directory of available services to residents (seasonal and permanent) in the Lakeland and surrounding area. We prioritize local businesses and services. While it is not a requirement that your business be physically located in the area, you must be able to demonstrate that you provide a service to the people in the area.

12. Why should I invest in print advertising?

Our readers choose the Lakeland Cabin Stuffer because they are interested in local content, businesses, and services!

Print advertising is generally seen as more trustworthy than digital due to privacy concerns and established brand recognition of the publication – that’s us! #LEGENDARY!

Print can also be an effective method for tapping into a new or local audience because you can get hyper-targeted to the demographics and geography of the readers – that’s us! #HYPER-LOCAL!

People are looking for opportunities to unplug! The Cabin Stuffer is the perfect compliment to spark actual conversation during a lunch date, while waiting in a lobby, or having coffee around the kitchen table – that’s us! #CONVERSATION STARTERS!

The act of holding and reading print creates a tactile experience that helps the brain form connections that increase memory – that’s us! #MINDBLOWING!